Accidents happen and they are never in our control. You can, however, cover yourself in the case of certain accidents. When living in a rented home, you are bound to receive visitors from time to time. The moment you welcome someone to your place of residence, you are making yourself liable for their well-being. You are therefore solely responsible should anything happen to them. How exactly do you cover yourself in the event of your visitor being involved in an accident?

The best option you have is ensuring you have a tenant-insurance cover. It will provide you with a liability cover and pay for any costs like medical bills and property damage.

Now, your landlord has an insurance cover, but it will not always protect you depending on where the accident takes place and the circumstances of the accident. Who is at fault is also a key aspect and may require you to take the full blame for the occurrence, you, therefore, need to be covered in such events. Yes, a number of times the landlord’s insurance might pay for the costs incurred during the injury. It is however not a guarantee and you need to be prepared.