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  Income Statement Analysis Tool

Income Statement Analyzer 3 is an excel spreadsheet which uses comparative income statement figures for reading and analyzing income statements. It includes:

Comparative Income Statement with common sized Income Statement ratios.

Calculation and variance analysis of Optimal Income Statement.

Leverage and Efficiency calculations and analysis.

Contribution margin and breakeven point calculations that also calculate breakeven point to actual rates ratio and days to breakeven calculation.

Availability in your currency of choice.

$125 USD   Now reduced to $50 USD

(please note that all of the Income Statement Analysis is now encompassed in the new FSA200, a $299 USD spreadsheet which contains 200 ratios plus more financial statement analysis (see Financial Statement Analysis spreadsheets) and the new SBA-30, a $109 USD spreadsheet which contains 30 ratios). Both the SBA-30 and the FSA-200 can be upgraded to a troubleshooter systems in which ratios (115 in the FSA-200 and all in the SBA-30) and 400 financial scenario questions refer to a page in the Troubleshooter book which states the problem, what will happen if not resolved and how to resolve them (see Troubleshooter solutions)

Order Income Statement Analyzer 3 sample here . State ISA sample in request to


ISA-3 Income Statement Analysis Spreadsheet $125.00 US  $50 USD

Canadian Purchasers!

ISA-3 Income Statement Analysis Spreadsheet $120.00 CDN plus $6.00 GST $ 47.50 plus $2.37 GST


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