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small business accounting software

SME Small Business Management Software

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Small Business Management Software

Small business management software for small business management and CPA small business management consultants. CPA Excel software for small business management consulting. Small business management accounting software includes business efficiency analysis and projections. Small business tool includes cash flow projection, balance sheet projection and income statement analysis. 

Small Business Efficiency Management Accounting and Analysis System provides:  

-    CPA excel software for small business management consultants

 -         small business management consultant or small business owner tool to  determine where to focus cost reduction efforts for greatest profit improvements

 -         income statement analysis of business efficiency to locate business performance problems

 -         small business tool for analyzing cost of goods sold, contribution margin and cost center efficiencies

 -         business forecast system for incomes statement, balance sheet and cash flow forecast. 

Small Business Management Software System.

Excel spreadsheet system

-   Easy system for small business management

 Interconnecting input and analysis modules

-    Several management consultants can analyze separate small business financial statements by adding more Main modules to their small business management accounting software system

-    Select small business income statement analysis system to suit your small business enterprise needs

-   Enables upgrading from basic to more detailed analysis modules

Client branded copies available for small business management consulting firms.


    Business Forecast and Projection

-   Business cash flow projection, 

-    Cash Flow Statement forecast

-    Balance sheet projection 

-    Income Statement projection

Business Efficiency Analysis

-   Labor efficiency analysis

-   Direct and Indirect Cost Analysis

-   Breakeven analysis including break even point calculation and break even variance analysis

-   Optimal business calculation and variance analysis

Available in your currency of choice.

Small Business Management Software System

  The Small Business Management Software System consists of one or more of the following Excel spreadsheet modules:

 Main included in all packages

Income statement and balance sheet information input module

Financial Statement information to input:

Income Statement - previous 3 fiscal years

                 - previous 12 months (or months of the current year)

Balance Sheet      - previous 3 fiscal years

Other cost information for projections of Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet or Business Value     


 Analysis  included in all packages

Management cost accounting calculation and reporting module.

Imports data from the Main module.

Enables several Main modules to be used for each Analysis module.

Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet projection - forecasts Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet

Optimizer Income Statement Benchmark – calculates optimal Income Statement based on last 3 fiscal year

Income Statement Variance to Optimal Benchmark – compares the optimal income statement to projected income statement, actual income statements for each of the past 3 years and average of the last 3 years

Breakeven Analysis Calculation  - calculates break even point and compares to actual and projected business results

Performance Analysis Calculations - outlines the amount of lost income and value due to sub-optimal operating performance results.

Leverage Analysis Calculations - calculates the leverage impact of improvements in cost center categories.

Efficiency Analysis Calculations - calculates business efficiency ratios.

Performance Graphs - graphs, by month, direct variable costs, indirect variable costs, labor costs and sales to break even point.

 Detail Optional

Sub-ledger of Main module.

Enables detailed analysis of general cost center categories.

Activity Based Costing  - sales and direct costs may be separated among 5 product or activity categories for activity based costing analysis.

Flexibility - each cost center category can be expanded or contracted to suit the depth of detail desired.

 Ratios Optional

Calculates, graphs and explains 70 business, management and cost accounting ratios based on information from the Analysis module.

Same as RA70 – SME financial statement ratio analysis program

 Monthly Ratios  - Optional

Calculates, graphs and explains 70 business, management and cost accounting ratios. (same ratios as Ratios module)

Up to 12 month comparisons.

Business, management and cost accounting ratios annualized to accord with annual ratios.

 SME Troubleshooter Package Optional

Complete business financial troubleshooter package for small and medium business enterprises.

Includes Ratios module, Financial Troubleshooter Business Questions and Financial Troubleshooter business solution book.

 (See Troubleshooter packages for more detail)



   Small Business Management Software System *                   $350 U.S.  

  * (sale price $315 U.S.)

 Additional Main modules                                                                $100 U.S.  

 Additional Analysis modules                                                         $200 U.S.  

 Optional Detail module                                                                    $150 U.S.  

* (sale price - $105 U.S.)

 Optional Ratios module                                                                    $250 U.S.  

* (sales price $195 U.S.)

 Optional Monthly Ratios module                                                    $250 U.S.  

* (sales price $195 U.S.)

 Troubleshooter upgrade module **                                               $650 U.S.

* (sales price - $475 U.S.)

Full Package ***                                                                           $1,100 U.S.

* (regular $1,000 US. - current sales price - $995 U.S.)

* one Main and one Analysis module

** Ratios module, Business Financial Troubleshooter Questions and "the Financial Troubleshooter" solutions book 

*** One each of Main, Analysis, Detail, Ratios, Monthly Ratios and Troubleshooter upgrade module    

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