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business financial statement analysis software
financial ratios
business financial statement ratio analysis calulation software

Financial Statement Ratio Analysis
business financial statement ratio analysis calculation software

Financial statement ratio analysis – financial ratio analysis

5 Star Award for Quality

Business Software Reviews has awarded Bizwiz financial statement ratio analysis spreadsheets a 5 star (highest) rating for overall quality.

A lot of time and money is spent producing financial statements. Yet, few people understand the information they provide.

Our low-cost, east-to-use spreadsheets turn the financial statement information into easy to understand ratios with charts and explanations for each ratio.

These financial ratios, charts and explanations enable quick decisions to be made from the financial statement information. They reduce risk for lenders and investors and enable owners and managers to make correct decisions that increase productivity and profits.

We offer three types of ratio analysis spreadsheets (see chart below).

  RA-15x1 Ratio Analysis Spreadsheets Financial Statement Analysis Spreadsheets
Number of ratios 15 8, 15, 25, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, or 150 25, 40, 90, or 200
number of periods 1 3 3
charts no yes yes
benchmark1 analysis no 125 or 150 90 or 200
flags2 and analysis yes no yes
explanations of ratios no yes with book purchase
common sized ratios no no yes
other f/s analysis no no yes
Price ($ USD) $30 $29 (8), $49 (15), $79 (25), $105 (35), $149 (50), $219 (75), $279 (100), $329 (125), $369 (150) $109 (25), $149 (40), $219 (90), $299 (200)

1 Benchmarks allow comparison of ratios against other financial statements (industry average, select competitor, budget, projection, etc.)

2 Flags are set (can be altered in Financial Statement Analysis spreadsheets) to generally acceptable standards. They show how close to these standards the ratios are and show an Alert! when the ratio is outside of limit set by flag.

The ratio analysis spreadsheets are a component of our leading edge Financial Troubleshooter System, which incorporates ratio analysis and financial questions with a solution book which states the problem, what will happen if the problem is not corrected and how to correct the problem.

Order any ratio analysis spreadsheets below and receive 80% of purchase price towards  Financial Troubleshooter System upgrade.

Order our 15 ratio special with a coupon to save 25% on upgrades, or

See our spreadsheets which calculate more than 50 ratios and order them now. (Spreadsheets with up to 50 ratios are listed below)

Custom order your own financial statement ratio analysis spreadsheet, or select from our available packages below:

Now available in the purchaser's choice of currency!

RA3  financial statement Ratio analysis software

Current ratio, quick ratio and debt to equity ratio

Order free RA3 financial statement ratio analysis spreadsheet

  CLO-15 RA-15 RA-15A
  average collection period yes yes yes
  inventory turnover yes yes yes
  current ratio yes yes yes
  quick ratio yes yes yes
  return on assets yes yes yes
  debt to equity yes yes yes
  (gross) profit margin yes yes yes
  return on investment/equity yes yes yes
  accounts payable to sales/sales to  accounts payable yes yes  
  current liabilities to net worth yes    
  fixed assets to net worth yes    
  sales to inventory yes    
  assets to sales yes    
  sales to working capital yes    
  Altman's z-score yes    
  net (after tax) profit margin   yes yes
  times interest earned   yes yes
  cash maturity coverage   yes  
  breakeven point   yes  
  cash breakeven point   yes  
  cash flow ratio   yes  
  sales to breakeven point   yes  
  cash flow to debt   yes  
  quality of income     yes
  fixed asset turnover     yes
  cash ratio     yes
  price earnings     yes
  dividend yield     yes
  discretionary costs as a percent of sales     yes
 explanations of ratios yes yes yes
 charts no yes yes
 periods 1 3 3
Price: $35 $49 $49

Purchase RA-15x1 (same as RA-15, but only one period)

RA-15x1 - F/S Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - only $30.00 USD -



Purchase Ratio Analysis Spreadsheets

RA-8 Basis - Financial Statement Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $40  US now only $29


RA15 - Financial Statement Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $75  US  now only $49


NEW! RA15A - Financial Statement Ratio Analysis spreadsheet -  only $49


RA25 - Financial Statement Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $125  US  now only $79


RA35 - F/S Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $175  US  now only $105


RA50 - Professional Financial Statement Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $250  US  now only $149


RA75 - Expert F/S Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $375  US  now only $219


RA100 - Genius F/S Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $500  US  now only $279 US


RA125 - Wizard F/S Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $625  US  now only $329 US


RA150 - Extreme F/S Ratio Analysis spreadsheet - $750  US  now only $369 US



Purchase Financial Statement Analysis Spreadsheets

FSA-25 $109.00 USD

FSA-25 plus "Financial Statement Analysis including over 200 ratios" $144.00 USD



FSA-40 $149.00 USD


FSA-40 plus "Financial Statement Analysis including over 200 ratios" $181.50 USD



FSA-90 $219.00 USD

Available soon

FSA-90 plus "Financial Statement Analysis including over 200 ratios" $245.75 USD

  Available soon


FSA-200 $299.00 USD


FSA-200 plus "Financial Statement Analysis including over 200 ratios" $319.00 USD



Other Ratio Analysis Spreadsheets

***   NEW   ***

New! CLO-15 financial statement ratio analysis for Commercial Loan Officers.

Calculates the 12 key business ratios used by Dunn and Bradstreet plus the Altman z-score bankruptcy predictor.

Quick Ratio, Current Ratio, Current Liabilities to Net Working Capital, Total Liabilities to Net Worth, Fixed Assets to Net Worth, Collection Period, Sales to Inventory, Assets to Sales, Sales to Net Working Capital, Accounts Payable to Sales, Return on Sales, Return on Assets, Return on Net Worth and Altman's z-score.

Enter only 15 figures and calculate 13 ratios.

Formulas and explanations provided.

Only $50 US    Now, only $35 USD

Customize later by adding ratios

CLO-15 Commercial Loan Officer spreadsheet ratio calculator


 Go here to order.

***   NEW   ***

RA–70 SME Monthly TM 

(Module for SME Cost Accounting System)  

  Recommended for small business owners, Cost Accountants, Controllers and consultants

 -      3 annual ratios (in ratio analysis spreadsheets) replaced by 12 monthly ratios,

-         Larger charts.

-         Analysis of 70 business, accounting and financial ratios (view list of ratios).

-         Easy to learn and use Excel spreadsheet program

-         Calculate key business ratios and understand how financial statement information effects financial and managerial accounting ratio calculations through financial formulas.

-         Financial calculations provide accurate business ratios based on accounting information system and financial statement analysis.

-         Quickly identify where to focus business resources for implementing effective business solutions with business management performance charts, which provide easy, visual business performance indicators.

-         Business problems, concerns or continuous improvement trends easily recognized with 3 year financial statement comparisons.

-         Financial accounting ratio equations and explanations provide a business performance monitoring tools to understand financial statements.

-         Logical organization of into 18 areas of business management ratios.

-         Ratio compatibility through prorating stub period financial statement figures to annual business ratios

RA-70 - Monthly F/S Ratio Analysis spreadsheet -  $219



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