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calculator operational efficiency ratios
calculate operational efficiency ratios
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   Efficiency Ratios Calculation Formulas and Explanations
calculate efficiency ratios

List of Efficiency Ratios Formulas and Definitions on this Website

Efficiency ratios are the financial statement ratios that measure how effectively a business uses and controls its assets.

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Click on efficiency ratio hyperlink ( below) to go to the efficiency ratio definition page, which provides formula, explanation and definition for interpreting and calculating the operational efficiency ratio. Each efficiency ratio page lists excel spreadsheet calculators which calculate the ratio. We also offer custom financial statement ratio analysis spreadsheets to calculate operational efficiency ratios or other ratios.

Accounts Receivable Turnover

Age of Inventory

Average Collection Period

Average Inventory Period

Average Obligation Period

Bad Debts Ratio

Breakeven Point

Cash Breakeven Point

Cash Dividend Coverage

Cash Maturity Coverage

Cash Reinvestment Ratio

Cash Turnover Ratio

Collection Period (a.k.a. Days Sales Outstanding or DSO Ratio) 

Collection Period to Payment Period

Days of Liquidity

Days Sales Outstanding (a.k.a. DSO Ratio or Collection Period)

DSO Ratio (a.k.a. Days Sales Outstanding or Collection Period)

Fixed Charge Coverage

Margin of Safety

Net Sales per Employee

Number of Days Inventory

Operating Cycle

Payment Period

Payment Period to Average Inventory Period

Payment Period to Operating Cycle


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calculate operational efficiency ratios
  calculate operational efficiency ratios